Hardcore Hooping – Move, laugh, live, play!

Welcome to this wonderfully fun filled blog about the new Fitness Hooping phenomenon. Geared toward Adults, this new and improved hooping experience leaves the toy hula hoop behind for the kids and takes us to a whole new experience. Hardcore Hoops are larger, and weighted with water to give you power and control over the hoop. With practice, you will learn to dance and do tricks, incorporating dynamic music you love. It is joyous and liberating and will get you back into a loving and fascinating new relationship with your own physicality. Become leaner and and full of energy! Yes, you will look and feel younger!  And you will be very popular at next summer’s bar-b-ques!


2 Responses to “Hardcore Hooping – Move, laugh, live, play!”

  1. val brown Says:

    thank you tracy for getting me into this! my body and soul are happier now : )
    xo val

  2. Hey sis…. so glad to see you’ve started a blog. Hoop on…. it does a body good!

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